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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to a question you have below, please contact us.

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about for people looking into working with Transform Architects.

(1.) Q. Do you design fully in 3d?

Yes, we design all our projects fully in 3d. PRESS ME for more information.


(2) Q. Do you offer FREE first consultation?

Yes, we offer a FREE one hour consultation in our offices at 12C Bank Street, Ossett, WF5 8NL, by appointment only. PRESS ME for more information.


(3.) Q. Are you a RIBA Chartered Architects Practice?

Yes, we are a fully RIBA Chartered  Architects Practice and Martin Bell is also a RIBA Chartered Architect.


(4.) Q. Do you offer an out of normal working day service?

Yes, we offer an out of business hours telephone calls. (Available upon request.), out of business hours site visits. (Available upon request.), a post completion call back service and all these services are available FREE of charge to all our existing clients. 

(5.) Q. Why should we use you over a more locally based Architect?

If you like what we have produced in our portfolio and we are competitively priced against another more locally based Architect there is no advantage in using the more locally based Architect owing to the fact that the planning system has been nationalised for some years now and we have consistently demonstrated that we can achieve planning in some of the strictest areas with some of our most innovative projects from Newcastle to West Sussex including greenbelt sites and areas of outstanding national beauty.


(6.) Q. How does it work when working with long distance clients?

Post the initial meeting to discuss the brief and undertake the measured survey, we communicate with our clients via, telephone, email, facetime and skype. We also have a dedicated client access page for each project making the 3d models and any other information completely accessible to all. We can undertake scheduled visual site inspections via skype and facetime (with client assistance), with physical site visits in between or as required (subject to the complexity of the project).


(7.) Q. How far do you travel for a project?

We travel throughout the UK subject to the scope of the project and contract value. PRESS ME For more information.


(8.) Q. How far in the country have you worked from your offices?

We have projects in Newcastle to West Sussex, West Kirby to Hull and areas in between. PRESS ME For more information.


(9.) Q. Are all the projects on your website designed in-house or do you sub contract?

All our project designs and concepts have been designed in-house by Martin Bell RIBA.


(10.) Q. Do you offer a design only service?

Yes, we offer a design ideas service for clients who want to explore the feasibility of a project or want a project designed to achieve planning approval only (subject to the size of the project). There is no minimum level of service, just services designed around the clients’ needs.


(11.) Q. How long does it take to get a scheme for a design ideas service?

If it includes a measured survey it would typically be four weeks post the measured survey for the first proposals including the 3d model.

(12.) Q. Do you design extensions as well as new build dwellings?

Yes, we undertake all manner of residential projects including extensions, conversions and new builds, take a look in our portfolio or contact us with any queries you may have.


(13.) Q. Do you take on smaller projects?

The minimum project construction budget for the projects we undertake locally is £175,000 inc vat due to the size of the practice. For projects any smaller our fees tend to be less competitive. 

contact us


(14.) Q. Do you undertake sustainable project designs?

Yes, we have designed eco extensions and new builds. We have a unique take on sustainable design which is achieved by looking at building lifecycle costs, the building orientation, site strategy, embodied energy and the clients’ specific requirements. We have worked with, solar pv, solar thermal heating, heat recovery systems, ground source heat pumps (bore hole and ground laid), air sourced heat pumps, external insulated render systems and earth sheltering techniques.


(15.) Q. Can you guarantee planning permission?

No. Anyone who says that they can is unfortunately misleading you.


(16.) Q. Do you offer a full service?

Yes, we offer a full architectural service, eg from initial design to the completion of the build. Most of the projects we undertake tend to be full architectural service projects.


(17.) Q. How much do you charge?

All fees are based on the specific project in question, we offer fixed fees (no hidden extras) on all projects in writing prior to commencement. contact us

(18.) Q. Do you charge vat?

Yes, we are a fully vat registered RIBA Chartered Architects Practice.


(19.) Q. Are the full photo-real 3d visuals free?

No. It is an extra cost service that we offer to clients  when required to help illustrate a project in real context for sensitive planning applications or to help with colours and materials etc. 

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