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Locations Covered



Please refer to the location map for areas that we work regularly and other areas where we have worked.




Areas where we work regularly.


Area where we work regularly and our studio is located.



Other areas where we have worked.

Common questions asked in relation to locations covered:

(1.) Q. How far do you travel for a project?

We travel throughout the UK subject to the scope of the project and contract value.

(2.) Q. How far in the country have you worked from your offices?

We have projects in Newcastle to West Sussex, West Kirby to Hull and areas in between.

(3.) Q. How does it work when working with long distance clients?

Post the initial meeting to discuss the brief and undertake the measured survey, we communicate with our clients via, telephone, email, facetime and skype. We also have a dedicated client access page for each project making the 3d models and any other information completely accessible to all.


We can undertake scheduled visual site inspections via skype and facetime (with client assistance), with physical site visits in between or as required (subject to the complexity of the project).

Below is a guide to the typical minimum project construction budget for the distance your project is from our offices:

(Our office postcode is: WF5 8NL)

1. Within one hour travel distance from the office is:     £175,000 inc vat.

2. Within two hours travel distance from the office is:   £250,000 inc vat.

3. Within three hours travel distance from the office is: £325,000 inc vat.

4. Within four hours travel distance from the office is:   £400,000 inc vat.

Please note:

Project construction budget refers to the sum paid to a contractor for the building works undertaken and this generally does not include kitchens, bathrooms, flooring or soft furnishings.


A project budget would include all of the above and be greater than the construction budget.

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