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Designs that incorporate the difficult task of living with carers.


Disability design needs to be rethought as generative and creative. Being able to live well in the home environment is essential to your mental and physical well being.

Disability Architecture for you:

Transform Architects design on the basis that disability design does not have to look or feel like social housing or a hospital scheme whilst still meet all the requirements of the client.


Our commitment is to work with you on your project from inception to completion and beyond, we want you to have peace of mind knowing there is a lead professional passionate about fulfilling every wish, deadline and detail, just the way you want it.


Your proposed new build disability dwelling / disability extension and alterations are not just designed to be built to the British Standard 8300 (BS8300 – Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people – Code of practice), firstly it is a home, not just a home for you and your disability needs but a home for all your family and friends to enjoy and embrace life regardless of the restrictions life has put on you.

Transform Architects will deliver you a home that integrates all the family in everyday roles and responsibilities, be uplifting to all that reside there, make the trials we encounter in everyday life a little easier, offer flexible space, make the best use of all aspects of the site and its surroundings, be pragmatic in use, offer shelter and enclosure, space and light, be sustainable and give security.


Transform Architects undertake initial feasibility designs and site impact assessments through to delivery of complete disability projects from small works through to complete new builds.

We regularly work on disability projects that require:

• Specialist Disability Bedrooms

• Specialist Disability Bathrooms

• Specialist Disability Therapy Rooms

• Specialist Disability Hydrotherapy Pools

• Specialist Disability Extensions and Alterations

• Specialist Disability New Build Dwellings

• Specialist Disability Feasibility Studies

• House Disability Accessibility Assessments

• House Disability Suitability Reports For Litigation

• Disabled Facilities Grant projects

• Disability External / Internal Sensory Play Areas

We regularly work with:


• Specialist Disability Solicitors (When projects are in litigation)

• Specialist Disability Occupational Therapists

• Specialist Disability Housing Experts

• Specialist Suppliers of Disability Equipment

Links to disability related projects on our portfolio page:

Below are examples of disability projects that demonstrate that disability design does not have to look or feel like social housing or a hospital and can still meet all the requirements of the Clients and the Litigation Process (if applicable).


Complete: New Build Disability Two Storey House:


Complete: New Build Disability Bungalow:


Complete:  Extension And Alterations, Disability Bungalow:


Complete:  New Build Disability Two Storey House: (Split level site)



Complete:  Extension And Alterations, Disability Two Storey House:



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