Why Use Us.

Benefits of using us are:

(Below are three key reasons why we continually delivering success on all our projects.)

1. We deliver what the client has asked for:

With a dedicated experienced project architect as your point of contact we can educate and empower you into making the right choices all along the process, this combined with your own client access page which has a simple online system to make the briefing / decision processes as easy and informative as possible, utilising 3d models / checklists / roadmaps and images to help you create the initial brief. This forms the strongest of foundations for your building project.
The goal:
We want you to have the ultimate garden room, kitchen extension, new build or makeover, imagine cooking at your new kitchen in a fantastic naturally lit space with its bi-folding doors fully opened connecting your south facing garden with the glorious views, a floor which flows from inside to out and a space which is flexible enough to accommodate every occasion, where you no longer wonder about where to put the Christmas tree or how to accommodate all those people at Christmas.
This may not be your project but the end result of our service to your project is same, it is that feeling of butterflies in your stomach as you look at your space / extension / build and not only feel good but also proud of what has been achieved, this is your vision extracted, defined and delivered by Transform Architects well above and beyond what you ever expected it to be.
Take a look at our portfolio of projects to discover some of the spaces already created specifically for our clients “because they are all different”.
Benefits to you:
  • Listening to your needs and wants helps to create lifestyle shifts which can change you and families lives.
  • By using these systems we will kick start your imagination into places you never thought it could go and we get your creative juices flowing (no matter how limited).
  • You can see the space before you invest in bricks and mortar, thereby saving money on abortive and costly changes during the construction phase because you did not understand the plans and elevations.
  • You can share the process with as many people as you like, receiving their input on the project through your client access page.
  • We get to fully understand what your needs actually are.
  • We take the “leg work / pain” out of the processes minimising the time and energy you need to invest whilst getting the maximum results.
  • We have roadmaps for every stage of the process to enable you to understand the essentials without worrying about the non-essentials which we take care of.


2. Our designs are fit for purpose

We design from the inside out; we assess each space requirement and its function, for example what furniture do you want in the space, what type of lighting (natural / artificial), what type of mood are you trying to create, are you having a tv in the space if so what size. These criteria are already listed on our checklists /roadmaps / examples so that you can quickly detail your requirements.
The goal:
Imagine a room that when you walk in it flows, feels spacious warm and cosy. A room which makes you want to sit by the fire or relax in a hot bath with candles running down the side with a glass of wine, a cinema room for you and all your friends to enjoy or a bedroom that you never want to leave. These are the types of spaces we are creating every day for someone near you, imagine what yours could be.
Benefits to you:
  • All the spaces we create work around the type of furniture you want in the space.
  • The look and feel of the spaces is established early in the process.
  • All your wish list items for each room can be assessed and delivered (as appropriate)
  • All your rooms will have the wow factor rather than just the main spaces.
  • We can integrate items such as storage solutions into the overall look and feel of the space.
  • The process is quick and easy for you to complete.
  • All your rooms / spaces are designed with you and around how you wish to use them.


3. We design for sustainability that is integrated into the building fabric not just bolted on:

We design in 3d with accurate integrated sustainable assessment tools.
The goal:
A room that is comfortable all year round with spaces that are not too hot in summer and too cold in winter and that are cost effective to run for the lifecycle of the project.
Benefits to you:
  • We can give you accurate energy and heat loss calculations based on the design / orientation and type of extension / alteration which will allows you (with our help) to access the lifecycle costs of your project.
  • By making informed decisions at an early stage you are in full control of detailed specification choices further down the process therefore saving you money by not over specifying products and services.
  • You can spend more time researching the products that you need rather than the ones that you do not (or we can research them for you).