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Why Use Us


​The benefits of using us are:

With 3d design we enable you and every member of the construction team to view a highly accurate 3D walkthrough of your architectural design. From a single-storey extension to a large new build, you can tour the project at will.

Below are two key reasons why we are continually delivering success on all our projects:

1. We deliver what the client has asked for:



• With a dedicated experienced project architect as your point of contact we can educate and empower you into making the right choices all along the process, this combined with your own client access page which has a simple online system to make the briefing / decision processes as easy and informative as possible, utilising 3d models / checklists / roadmaps and images to help you create the initial brief. This forms the strongest of foundations for your building project.

Benefits to you:

• Listening to your needs and wants helps to create lifestyle shifts which can change you and families lives.


• By using these systems we will kick start your imagination into places you never thought it could go and we get your creative juices flowing (no matter how limited).


• You can see the space before you invest in bricks and mortar, thereby saving money on abortive and costly changes during the construction phase because you did not understand the plans and elevations.


• You can share the process with as many people as you like, receiving their input on the project through your client access page.

• We get to fully understand what your needs actually are.

• We take the “leg work / pain” out of the processes minimising the time and energy you need to invest whilst getting the maximum results.

2. Our designs are fit for purpose:



• We design from the inside out; we assess each space requirement and its function, for example what furniture do you want in the space, what type of lighting (natural / artificial), what type of mood are you trying to create, are you having a tv in the space if so what size. These criteria are already listed on our checklists /roadmaps / examples so that you can quickly detail your requirements.

Benefits to you:

• All the spaces we create work around the type of furniture you want in the space.


• The look and feel of the spaces is established early in the process.


• All your wish list items for each room can be assessed and delivered (as appropriate)


• All your rooms will have the wow factor rather than just the main spaces.


• We can integrate items such as storage solutions into the overall look and feel of the space.


• The process is quick and easy for you to complete.


• All your rooms / spaces are designed with you and around how you wish to use them.

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