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Home Owners - Six things to do before building works start

These six important points could save you time, money and problems during construction.

They are all important to ensure that you start your home construction works on the correct footing, otherwise if problems arise during the works you may have more to deal with than you could imagine.

01: Inform & Check Insurance

Inform your house insurance company before the works commence and check the builder has relevant insurance and ask for a copy.

02: Use A Contract

Use some form of contract between you and the contractor.

03: Building Control Approval

All extensions require Building Regulations Approval. You should always submit a "Full Plans" application" rather than a "Building Notice".

04: Obtain Recommendations:

Obtain recommendations from friends and neighbours for a good builder.

05: Obtain Quotations:

Obtain a detailed quotation from more than one builder. Make sure it itemises the works.

06: Payments:

Avoid paying the total amount 'up front', however your builder may require stage payments on a regular basis.


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