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03 Full Architectural Service

RIBA's Plan of Work 2013 Stages - (Link​)

  • Stage 4b Technical Design

  • Stage 5 Construction

  • Stage 6 Handover and Close Out

For anyone looking for a completely managed architectural service where they do not have the time to get fully involved but want a fully qualified expert to run the project and assess the problems with only key decisions being made by them.


• Production of detailed working drawings and a fully detailed architects specification (typically about 35 pages long), and a reference specification (typically about 90 pages long.) These drawings include large scale details, detailed sections and 3d details as appropriate.


• During this stage we will compile a list of potential contractors for the tender. If you do not have any contractors to include in the list we can source them for you.


• We then invite the potential contractors to tender for the works.


• We will issue you a hard copy of the drawings and the architects specification for your reference.


• We will assess the form of contract required for the works and advise you of your options. 

• When tenders are returned we will interview the contractors (as appropriate).

• We provide a written report of our recommendations based on the tender prices submitted for you to assess and choose your preferred contractor.


• We will obtain confirmation that your chosen contractor insurances are in place prior to commencement of works on the site.


• We then administer the contract as according.


• Once the works have begun we undertake periodic site inspections to assess the quality of the works and deal with queries. We also produce a report which is issued to the contractor and client post each site visit of our observations.


• We also undertake the following duties whilst the project is onsite: dealing with valuations to make sure you are not paying more than the project is worth, supplying further information as required for the contractor to be able to construct the building / extension in accordance with the vision, issue architects instructions for variations in the contract.


• Once complete we will undertake the snagging of the works, minimum six months post completion, we will then undertake a final check to make sure the project has been completed in accordance with the tender and that all prior approvals have been discharged.

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