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01 Design Ideas

RIBA's Plan of Work 2013 Stages - (Link)

  • Stage 0 / 1 Preparation and Brief

  • Stage 2 Concept Design

For anyone who wants to explore the full design possibilities of a project without committing to a full service.


• Taking the initial brief with our structured question and answer session to establish your wants, needs, must haves, aesthetics, function, lifestyle choices and budget for the works.

• Undertaking of the building measured survey.

• Production of the existing building in a 3d model including the internal rooms and main features that are to be affected.


• Production of two dimensional plans and elevations of the existing building.

• Further discussions to refine the brief, assessing the previously discussed wants, needs and must haves in relation to the budget and the property / site constraints.

• First design proposals in the form of a fully accessible 3d model (works on iphone, ipad, android phone, android tablets, mac and pc) , two dimensional plans and elevations with dimensions and a furniture layout as per the 3d model. This will be demonstrated in a meeting where we will describe what we have done and why we have done it so you can understand the thought processes which should open your mind to the potential of your building / space.


• You can download your 3d model from our website and take away a set of plans from our first design proposal meeting.


• We will then meet up to discuss any changes that you may require or wish to explore.


• We then produce an updated 3d model and two dimensional plans for you of the changes you requested.

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