Residential Portfolio

95% of the 54 projects below have planning permission granted. – Please click on an image to view or scroll down for more. – (Click on the pictures to see the “BEFORE & AFTER images) (Please wait for the images to load)
  • A modern makeover
    A modern makeover
  • A piece of history connected
    A piece of history connected
  • All tiled in
    All tiled in
  • California dreamin’
    California dreamin’
  • Contemporary and luxurious
    Contemporary and luxurious
  • Cool and conceptual
    Cool and conceptual
  • Creative idea
    Creative idea
  • Cutting edge class
    Cutting edge class
  • Double trouble
    Double trouble
  • Dreams come true…II
    Dreams come true…II
  • Eco icon
    Eco icon
  • Elevated thinking
    Elevated thinking
  • Fitting in
    Fitting in
  • Fitting in beautifully
    Fitting in beautifully
  • From dated to dazzling
    From dated to dazzling
  • From the inside out
    From the inside out
  • From tired to contemporary
    From tired to contemporary
  • Full makeover
    Full makeover
  • High life
    High life
  • Hillside Heaven
    Hillside Heaven
  • Inspired living
    Inspired living
  • Let there be light
    Let there be light
  • Life changing spaces
    Life changing spaces
  • Luxury living
    Luxury living
  • Make it big
    Make it big
  • Making spaces
    Making spaces
  • Moving forward
    Moving forward
  • New life
    New life
  • Opened up
    Opened up
  • Opening up
    Opening up
  • Perfect panorama
    Perfect panorama
  • Perfect podunlimited
    Perfect podunlimited
  • Perfectly tailored
    Perfectly tailored
  • Priceless panoramic views
    Priceless panoramic views
  • Raising the bar
    Raising the bar
  • Reach for the stars
    Reach for the stars
  • Roof space transformation
    Roof space transformation
  • Room on top
    Room on top
  • Room with a view
    Room with a view
  • Rooms with a view
    Rooms with a view
  • Rural masterpiece
    Rural masterpiece
  • Simple and sleek
    Simple and sleek
  • Simple infill
    Simple infill
  • Singular style
    Singular style
  • Sleek and utterly stunning
    Sleek and utterly stunning
  • Space and harmony
    Space and harmony
  • The garden and gadgets
    The garden and gadgets
  • The long view
    The long view
  • The ultimate extension
    The ultimate extension
  • Top it all
    Top it all
  • Totally accessible
    Totally accessible
  • Uncompromisingly modern
    Uncompromisingly modern
  • Uplifting luxury
    Uplifting luxury
  • Wrap around
    Wrap around