Full Turnkey Construction

04. Turnkey Package:

For anyone looking for a one stop shop for the complete project where they do not have the time to get fully involved but want a fully qualified expert to run the project and assess the problems with only key decisions being made by them.

Timescale: 25 – 30 weeks (including submissions to local authority and design ideas package but excludes construction time which will vary)


Includes: Design Ideas Package, Planning and Building Regulations Package and Full Service Package along with the extra services listed below:
  • Working alongside a chosen contractor to deliver your project as a full turnkey solution every step of the way.
  • Getting an independent quotation from an estimator for the works to ensure that the price is competitive.
  • Making sure all necessary consultants have been employed to undertake their roles as required.
  • Site visits at least every two weeks (other visits may happen in between if the project is at a critical path).
  • Keeping on top of financial forecasting with the contractor on a two weekly / monthly basis (subject to the size of the project.)
  • Assessing contractor proposals for changes on your behalf and advising you on the best options to ensure the project stays true to the original design intent.