As a residential architect many people question me with regards to why they need our services. Some people feel that the services of a residential architect are a luxury rather than a necessity. Residential architects are the originators of good design and with that truly needed. As with all good extensions, alterations and new builds good design is the key starting point of a fantastic residential design.
Good design is not a luxury, but a necessity, we create design ideas for all types of property and to suit all budgets, 90% of these house extension design ideas we see through to completion. Take a look at our portfolios and ask yourself the question are residential architects required!
If you are still unsure, take alook at some of the portfolios of the unqualified plan drafting agents who call themselves architects who are out there and hopefully you will understand what I mean.

As a residential architect I am an optimist who has to prepare for a future of unknowns and create a vision for what is not there. Imagine all those designs by non residential architects, planning only for today, drawing exactly what you tell them to and never giving a thought for the future, the house builders who create boxes and dictate with government the minimum standards to achieve greater profits on building sites.
Without a residential architect we would only have these boxes, thank goodness for residential architects and more importantly thank goodness that I am a residential architect, remember most of the buildings and spaces that delight and inspire you were created by optimists. M


As a residential architect I put a lot of hard work into what I do, I make sacrifices that often impact on my wife and two great children, I very rarely sleep and I am still willing to put in the extra effort, go that extra mile and make the difference. This is truely the love of residential architecture. M