The rear elevation has now been supported and removed. The plasterboard has been removed from the walls and the ceilings and work can now begin on inserting the steel beams from the new extension into the fabric of the existing building at the first floor level.

Topper ceilings 01 Topper ceilings 02 Topper ceilings 03 Topper ceilings

The walls are now up to the first floor level and we can now see the form of the main building mass along with the courtyard space in relation to the existing house. On the left hand side the parapet has been formed to create the fascia.

topper, walls topper, walls 1 topper, walls 2

We have now started making alterations to the internal spaces by removing the existing solid timber floor for potential reuse elsewhere within the new spaces. We have found a company who can remove the top surface of the timber and make the flooring as good as new ready to be relaid elsewhere within the project.