The underfloor heating is complete the heating loops are all installed in the new kitchen space and the existing lounge, the concrete has then been poured and power floated on top in preparation for the polishing of the concrete.

Hull underfloor heating complete Hull underfloor heating complete 01 Hull underfloor heating complete 02 Hull underfloor heating complete 03

The underfloor heating is being installed, the floor has been levelled with sand, insulated with new kingspan insulation and a damp proof membrane has been installed. The clips for the underfloor heating have been placed within part of the space and are ready for the heating loop pipes to be installed in that area.

Hull underfloor heating Hull underfloor heating 01

The internal bulkheads have been formed to create infills for the tops of the cupboards and the secret fix lighting we are having installed.

Hull bulkhead 2 Topper bulkhead 1