The venetian walls are complete.
The feature acrylic looking walls are in venetian plaster which is multi layered so when seen from the side or spot lit, it has three dimensional qualities. We have used venetian plaster on several walls throughout the design ranging from a brown and gold feature effect to the represention of concrete in the showers of the master bedroom.
T585 venetian plaster shower T585 venetian plaster toilet
We have used specific painted walls to great effect to highlight key areas of the design.

T585 Painted walls


The blockwork walls for the contemporary garden that we have designed are progressing at  full pace. This contemporary courtyard garden features a water feature, sunken seating area, feature rain chain, solar shading, fire pit (natural gas) and decking. The next element to be added is the timber joists for the decking boards to be connected to.

Garden walls in place

Finally we have livable spaces, our first ever kitchen design is fully installed and operational, this open plan contemporary living space with a polished concrete floor and clean lines gives a hint of what is to come. We are working on the external courtyard at the moment and are looking forward to the rest of the spaces taking shape over the next few months.

IMG_1824 IMG_1829 IMG_1832