We are now up to the first floor, the joists are installed on part of the floor deck and the stone walling is also insitu. This contemporary extension features stone on the internal walls as well as the external walls.

first floor joists stone internal walls

The steel beams have been installed, the large beams for the external wall were difficult to install due to the size and the rubble filled walls but eventually they went in after a couple of days of adjustments. The internal beams are installed to hold up the existing floor joists and maintain and zero bulkhead across the two existing spaces. This installation method required the chopping out and inserting of the existing timber floor joists which again took a few days to complete.

steel beams inserted 01 steel beam inserted

The first part of the extension works are in place with the footings up to ground level being constructed. The new beam and block floor is now installed and the contractors have removed the existing timber floor joists and replaced them with a beam and block floor so that the open plan space can benefit from wet underfloor heating system which is fully insulated from the existing basement below.

Beam and block floor inside Beam and block floor