We have now formed the adjacent structural wall which will support the beams from the carport and hold up the two storey sips framed building which will be erected once the beam and block floor deck is in place. We decided to span the site with steel beams due to the cost of excavating the whole site and forming load bearing walls.
Our client did not want a basement room next to the carport at the lower level so this method of construction was quicker and cheaper than the alternative. The beam and block floor can now be installed onto the steel beams and the block work onsite ready for the next phase.

photo photo2


The blockwork walls are now getting higher and we can really see the form of the lower structure taking place.

photo2 photo3

The blockwork walls are now receiving there first layer for the tanking of the walls, this bitumen paint is applied to the blockwork to reduce the absorbency of the normally very porous blockwork. Again this is painted in stages as the blockwork rises up from the base. The embankment to the rear has now been propped with shuttering to prevent any form of collapse as this would cause a major problem to the integrity of the structure all ready formed.

Blockwork bitumen painted Blockwork bitumen painted 2