The damp proof membrane has been added to the blockwork toe ready for the SIPS panels to be delivered and installed onsite.
The aco drainage channel connections are now also in place.


We are now having the mains gas and electricity connected into the plant room which is situated next to the carport at the lower level. For these connections the service providers needed to dig up the busy main road adjacent to the site and provide temporary traffic lights. We also needed a deep trench within our boundary in order to feed the ducting under the main road.
 Service connections 01 Service connections

The block and beam floor system has now been installed to form the deck from which we will add insulation, underfloor heating and screed at a later date. We now have a working platform to construct the perimeter blockwork which is being installed.
We now get a clear idea of how the building floor level will interact with the surrounding site and whether we need to grade the adjacent garden space before the sips panels come to site.

Beam and block floor 01 Beam and block floor 02 Beam and block floor 03 Beam and block floor 04