This contemporary house in keighley is having the next stage in the external finishing touches. The larch rough sawn cladding boards are being installed to cover the masonry retaining walls that the main building sits on. The cladding concept was to replicate a natural tree like base for the pristine white through colour rendered building to sit on. The contrast between clean contemporary lines and rustic nature was the original starting point as this contemporary house is completely surrounded by trees and natural vegetation. The boards will fade quick quickly and become alot lighter in colour similar to that of a real tree trunk. The cladding should be complete by the end of next week and we will be looking at getting the rest of the landscape planted early in the new year which will soften the cladding further.


The client has moved in on this contemporary house in keighley although there is still much work to be done. Externally the building is very well progress above ground level but the carport area still requires cladding. The internals are plastered and the kitchen and flooring is complete but there are lots of items that still need to be completed.

keighley contemporary house 2

We now have the staircase going in and the scaffolding has come down on the rear of the building.

photo 1 photo