The internal spaces are coming together, the main open plan, kitchen / living / dining space has a fantastic expressed ceiling that has been created by the structural steel frame below it.
 The garage is now nearly complete with a clean white contemporary finish and the external grey render is complete pending the final areas of cedar cladding to be installed.

Contemporary garage external dark grey render Double height space

The external fittings are ongoing, the rear garden is getting ready to be cleared and the pin kerbs have been installed ready for the paving. The front entrance canopy soffit has been infilled with cedar cladding boards.

cedar soffit to entrance canopy paving pin kerbs


We have had to upgrade the existing electrical sub main box has it did not have enough capacity to service this disabled adaptation due to the size of the building footprint. We have also changed from ground source heating to a biomass boiler so that we can benefit from government incentives and also establish full heating and hot water requirements rather than having to made do limited heat capacity of the ground source. The only negative was finding somewhere to put the hopper that did not detract from the architecture.

Biomass boiler housing Electricity sub station upgrade