We have recently received planning permission for this ultra contemporary extension in Hull. The extension features green roofs, sliding glass walls and a inside outside landscaped garden. The project extends the existing dwelling whilst new spaces which will benefit from the South facing elevation and fantastic garden views.

Contemporary extension rear view 3

Contemporary extension rear view 2

Contemporary extension rear view 1

Contemporary extension aerial view

What do you prefer a garden room extension or a conservatory?


Greenshank conservatory

Or this:

Greenshank gardenroom

What are the reasons why more clients are coming to use to replace there conservatories with a garden room extension:
1. More useable space than a conservatory, this includes space to hang up pictures and tv sets on the wall.
2. Better thermal efficiency than a conservatory, no temperature fluxtations, eg too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
3. They look better and can be more inkeeping with the existing house or a contemporary contrast.
4. The garden room extension is an all year round solution when compared to a conservatory.
5. The prices can be similar if the conservatory is of a good quality.
6. The conservatory can be built typically in two – three weeks and a garden room extension can be built in six weeks. (www.thepodunlimited.com).
You can see the benefits speak for themselves, call today for if you would like us to draw you some plans for your new garden room extension.

Contemporary extension – Windows and fascias nearly are done. The white windows are in timber and the black windows are in aluminium. The aluminium fascias are by Marley Alutec.


Both timber and aluminium are sustainable materials: 75% of all the aluminium produced since 1888 is still in use today.