3d Design

With 3d design we enable you and every member of the construction team to view a highly accurate 3D walkthrough of your  architectural design. From a single-storey extension to a large newbuild, you can tour the project at will.

California dreamin’ is our sample 3d design model, view the video below

3d design, our video illustrating 3d model and the final photographs to show how accurate our 3d design models are.


Now download and view our sample BIMx project file for the above house:


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MAC / PC: Download the FREE BIMx Desktop Viewer


Download our sample 3d design model for your device, download from this link direct on mobile devices  Press me to download.


3D Design…

By creating our designs in 3D from the start, we help you see and understand the real-life potential of your new space.

Explore in 3D…

No need for technical know-how or special software – you and every member of the project team can explore and share the 3D design model via the internet, anytime, anywhere. You can switch building layers on and off, make realtime measurements from the model and seek views and ideas of others.

Let’s talk…

Your 3D model is perfect for generating real, informed discussion and development, so we can design the building you really want. We can develop and amend the model so you and your construction team can always see the latest version.

Clarity in design…

Greater clarity in discussion and preparation means ultimate clarity in the final design. That means no nasty surprises, just great communication, confident construction and outstanding results this what an integrated approach and 3d design bring to a project.