The boundary walls have started to be formed around the rear contemporary stone extension, the walls help to define the space between the drive and the rear patio which is elevated to create a natural level between the house and the patio areas.

stone boundary walls

The roofs are commencing, we have the pitched roof rafters being installed and the flat roof coverings are nearly completed onsite.
Once the roofs are complete the windows will be arriving onsite. This is when the extensions should really take form and have a real site impact.
roof rafters being installed 01 roof rafters being installed

The walls are rising on this contemporary stone extension and the installation of the custom made truss is ongoing. The truss in the picture was a recreation of the original truss which was no longer structurally sound. The new truss features the existing metal work from the original truss (refurbished) to maintain some key features from the original building in the new.

IMG_2888 IMG_2890