We have recently received planning permission for a bungalow extension and makeover with internal and external alterations to this dated bunglow in Thorpe Audlin, West Yorkshire.
The existing site houses a three bedroom detached house with off street parking for four vehicles. The detached property is in need of renovation and alteration to make provision for a maturing family. The proposed alterations and extension create a public downstairs with a bigger, brighter and more functional / flexible spaces and better bedroom accommodation on the first floor.
This project is currently onsite.
Existing bungalow front view

Existing bungalow front view

bungalow extension front view
Proposed bungalow extension front view

Existing bungalow side view
Existing bungalow side view

bungalow extension side view
Bungalow extension side view

Existing bungalow side view 2
Existing bungalow side view 2

bungalow extension side view 2
Proposed bungalow extension side view 2

Two single storey rear/side ground floor extensions and a first floor extension to the single storey element of the existing building with internal alterations to the ground and first floor.
Ground floor:
1. Single storey monopitched roof single garage / utility extension
2. Single storey pitched roof lounge
3. Internal alterations.
First Floor:
1. First floor extension to the single storey element of the existing building.
2. Internal alterations.

We recieved planning permission for this Farmhouse Garage, Kitchen, Utility And Bedroom Extension in Birdsedge, Huddersfield in October 2012.
The proposal was to create a larger kitchen / dining room, viewing on to the private rear garden, a new garage / utility room and a pitched roofed new bedroom and ensuite on the first floor.
Existing farm house front
Existing front
Garage extension
Proposed front.
Existing farm house rear
Existing rear.
Bedroom and garage extension
Proposed rear.
Kitchen extension
Proposed kitchen extension space.
Bedroom extension
Proposed bedroom with feature window and vaulted ceiling.

We have achieved planning permission for this complete external and internal makeover in Cirencester.
Cirencester frontExisiting Front View
Cirencester 02Proposed Front View
Cirencester 01Proposed Front View
Cirencester rear
Exisiting Rear View
Cirencester 04Proposed Rear View
Cirencester 05Proposed Rear View
Cirencester 03Proposed Rear View
The existing detached dwelling is a four bedroom property with an integral double garage, a basement and three reception rooms. The existing building is in a state of disrepair and in much need of external facade treatment along with the upgrading of insulation in the walls floor and roof. We proposed a contemporary makeover which includes upgrading the insulation, looking at sustainable options, changing the external materials and remodelling the internal plan. There are no extensions proposed.